About Us




Jodi hails from the sandy beaches and lobster bakes of Scarborough, Maine. Upon graduating from Tufts University in 2002 with a BA in Communications, she rose the ranks in account management in the fast-paced and creative world of advertising and marketing in Manhattan on both the client and agency side. She spearheaded innovative work for award winning Tylenol campaigns at Deutsch as well as oversaw the launch of the new Home line in house at Calvin Klein. Client management was Jodi’s forte, but she was also very close to the creative process, working with internal departments and external vendors to help bring incredible ideas to life.

Jodi decided to take a more entrepreneurial route when she entered the world of recruiting in 2010, and she realized this was her true calling. She ran a full desk for over 3 years at a boutique search consultancy in Manhattan and established an extensive network of candidates and clients in both the New York and Boston area. Her innate love of working with people, solving problems, and providing advice and insight made her a natural in this industry. Her background in advertising and marketing also gave her a very unique and valuable perspective as a recruiter as she had been on the front lines herself and truly understood the nuances, details, and realities of the very roles she placed.

Jodi’s entrepreneurial spirit and love of new challenges led her to launch her own executive search consultancy called Tru Recruitment. As the name expresses, Jodi operates with complete truth, transparency, and trust in everything that she does and believes that these values must be upheld during every stage of the search process in order to achieve success. Jodi cannot wait to link impeccable talent with stellar agencies and companies under this new venture.